Special Offer for Essential Workers

Limited Time Offer: $55 for Front-line & Essential Workers

Ford is thanking all essential workers with $55.00 through its loyalty program, FordPass Rewards. If you are an essential worker, you can claim your FordPass Rewards today here at Kistler (See essential categories below).

Rewards can be used on a current or future service visit, such as a Works service package, which includes an oil change and tire rotation.

This is our way of thanking those essential workers who have helped and continue to help combat the coronavirus.

Not signed up for FordPass Rewards?
No problem…There is no cost to sign-up for FordPass Rewards and it can be done in a couple steps.

Current members are also eligible as well.

How to get $55 in Rewards – 2 Steps


Create a new account after downloading the FordPass mobile app (fill out information completely but skip the VIN section if you have a non-Ford).  Creating this account will also sign you up as a FordPass Rewards member.  This is the account where your special offer will be stored.


  • Email Subject: Essential Worker Special Offer
  • Email Body:
    1. Include your FordPass Rewards username (email) used to create your FordPass Rewards account
    2. Include your Essential Job Category (See list below)
    3. Indicate whether the vehicle you drive is a gas or diesel engine
    4. Attach one proof of employment (business card, employee badge, employee name tag, pay stub, or government letter stating essential status)

You will receive a confirmation email within two business days once your rewards have been claimed and added to your FordPass Rewards account.

Qualifying Categories – Essential Workers

– Healthcare

Including patient care, public health, medical equipment and supplies workers; hospital and lab employees; and researchers, caregivers and therapists.

 – First Responders

Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs and the systems that support them.

 – Food and Agriculture

Employees at grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, and food processing and warehouses, as well as food service and food manufacturing workers and farmers.

 – Energy

Those in the maintenance and distribution of electricity, petroleum, and natural or propane gas.

 – Water and Sanitation

All employees needed to manage and maintain drinking water as well as drainage infrastructure.

 – Transportation and Logistics

Those supporting transportation, including dispatchers, drivers, and maintenance and repair technicians.

 – Public Workers

All who support the operation and maintenance of essential public works facilities (roads, bridges, traffic signals and systems infrastructure).

 – Manufacturing

All employees responsible for producing materials and products required for medical supply chains and transportation.

 – Communications/IT

Those involved in the installation, distribution and maintenance of communication infrastructures, and IT employees who operate and support command centers.

 – Government Operations

Critical government workers, as defined by the employer, including elections personnel, building employees, security employees, trade officials, weather forecasters, customs workers and educators.

 – Financial Services

All employees needed to administer and maintain systems for processing financial transactions and services at banking and lending institutions.

 – Hazardous Materials

Employees at nuclear facilities who manage medical waste and waste from pharmaceuticals, laboratories processing test kits, and medical material production. Also, those responsible for the cleanup of waste and the maintenance of digital systems infrastructure supporting hazardous materials management operations.

 – Defense

Those who support, manage and maintain the essential services required to meet national security commitments to the federal government and the U.S. military.

 – Chemical Management

All employees who support chemical and industrial gas supply chains at manufacturing plants, labs and distribution facilities producing hand sanitizers, food/food additives, pharmaceuticals and paper products.


Terms and Conditions
Limit one reward per essential employee.
Multiple essential employees per household is allowed.
Offer is not transferable.
Ford Diesel owners will receive $100 in rewards.